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Fees 2020

Martial arts*
Session length (minutes)
60 or 90
60, 90 or 120
60 or 90
Cost per hour
*All children must attend martial arts sessions with a partner of similar build and height.

**Homework can be provided at an additional cost if required.

Other Services

60-minute home observation with written report and recommendations£120*
90-minute school observation and discussion with child's teacher with written report and recommendations£150*
120-minute staff training in your child's school personalised to your child's specific needs£250*
45-minute focused support session with your child at their school£60*
Detailed report to support EHCP application£50
60-minute face-to-face meeting with parents at the Kickstart Learning Centre£60
*travel within a 5 mile radius is included

All fees, details and offers are subject to change.

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