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Tutoring sessions can be made up of one or more of the subjects listed in the table below. A free 30 minute taster session is provided for all students so they can visit the Centre and meet Kerry. Following this, an academic assessment can be booked to assess your child's strengths and weaknesses and a comprehensive report is provided including recommendations for any future sessions you may wish to book. Sessions take place in the Centre's fully resourced classroom, but learning is also taken outside when the weather is suitable and exercise in incorporated into the learning where possible. Many of the activities and games are of a practical nature and Kerry is always hunting for innovative and creative new ways to teach concepts and skills to her students. Here are some examples of activities Kerry has undertaken with her students lately:

  • creating noun phrases using Where's Wally pictures
  • playdough pizza fractions
  • story telling using Lego
  • shooting adjectives using a Nerf gun
  • Pixar short film clips as a stimulus for comprehension
  • times tables and spelling using the punch bag
  • algabraic equations written in sand
  • Jenga addition
  • fidget spinner vocabulary

Students are taught to embrace challenges and not to be afraid to make mistakes as this is a crucial part of learning and any frustrations are dealt with calmly and sensitively. Kerry adapts her teaching style, communication and all aspects of each session to match the needs of each individual child. Parents are emailed after every session explaining what was covered, what the child could be working on at home and any other obversations, concerns or recommendations.

Incorporating exercise into sessions is a key component of Kickstart Learning with Kerry and so a combination of the activities from the second column below (depending on your child's interests) are carefully combined with classroom based learning to maximise a child's focus and progress. Formal martial arts instruction can also be combined with tutoring in sessions that are at least 90 minutes long.

Homework support
Exam and study skills support (age 12+)
General English tuition
General maths tuition
11+ preparation
Handwriting support
Spelling support
Reading support
Memory and processing speed building
Attention and concentration building
Organisation and time management (age 10+)

Fitness games
Obstacle courses
Core strength building
Ball skills
Balance and Coordination games
Mini olympics
Speed and stamina development

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