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Before any tutoring sessions can be booked, a child must undertake an academic assessment. This enables the child's strengths and weaknesses to be identified and a session outline to be created ensuring there is a clear progression of knowledge and skills. Recommendations are also provided on how to support your child effectively at home and/or school and any resources or services you might find useful.

Assessments generally take place during school holidays although term time assessments are sometimes possible. Assessments can be spread over more than one session if needed and exercise breaks are provided to help your child remain focused throughout. Depending on your child's age and needs, the assessment may be more formal with your child completing standardised written assessments or the assessment may be more practical and observational if this would be more suitable. This is one of the reasons why it is important to undertake the free 30 minute taster session that is offered to all students as this helps Kerry to gauge what sort of assessment would work best for each child.

Duration - approximately 2 hours.

General assessment of maths and English skills.
Computer-based cognitive assessment (7+).

Comprehensive report included.

Cost - £120
In addition, any of the following assessments can also be included and would add an extra 30 minutes each onto the assessment session:

  • dyslexia screener (additional charge of £40)
  • dyscalculia screener (additional charge of £50)
  • visual stress assessment (additional charge of £30)

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